©Fara Peluso - 2017

Participatory workshop to rethink everyday routines through the knowledge and practice of speculative design and DIY biology.

Algature, a workshop project by the artist and designer Fara Peluso, talks about the great potentials we can have today through the collaboration between DIYBiology and the Speculative design practices. Thanks a participative workshop format, Algature wants to involve peoples from different backgrounds, from curious to pro- fessionals gures related to design and science, propo- sing an immersive experience into the algae world and the DIY design. Important also will be the knowledge and the discussion about the speculative practice linked with design contributing to rise a new awareness about the everyday life, thinking a new way to approach the organisms. How they can give us, in a very close future, a great contribution not only in a scienti c matter, but also economic, political and artistic way. The present will be studied through some objects and by stimula- ting critical issues that will help to de ne what possible futures we desire. The workshop will be organized in two parts where rst some exercises of analysis and elaboration of concepts related with the practice of spe- culative design will be addressed. The second part will give the possibility to approach one of the bio-technolo- gy sectors learning, through the practice of diy biology, how to build a fundamental tool for the cultivation of algae, the photobioreactor. One of the oldest organisms will be presented, the microalgae, which exist since mil- lions of years and entering now in our lives, and in the market, is considered extremely effective and healthy in terms of nutrition, green enery production and bio-ma- terials. Participants will understand how design, art, biology and diy can give us the opportunity to intervene in aspects of fundamental importance linked with our contemporary and future existence. Understanding why it is important today to be an active part of a system by manipulating the factors that have effected and shaped our habits, our society and our choices. Algature will give practical notions related to biology, design and creativity but above all contribute to shape more critical and free minds to choose.