Living Canvas

©Fara Peluso - 2019

Speculative design development project exploring the role of algae-biofilm technology for future sustainable development

Field Experiments Exhibition | STATE Studio Berlin

Living Canvas was developed in collaboration with:


Innogy Foundation

In the second exhibition of Field Experiments, STATE Studio presented the artistic research project Living Canvas composed of the installation Living Canvas and the workshop Algature by artist and designer Fara Peluso. Fara Peluso worked closely with Solaga, a Berlin-based startup specialized in the use of algae for clean air, energy, as well as a range of sustainable design systems based on algae biofilm. Due to their effective CO2 assimilation and their ability to absorb indoor light, the microalgae organisms photosynthesize far more efficiently than plants and are hence regenerative energy systems. Supported by Solaga, Fara Peluso recontextualized this innovative biotechnology into a speculative design object. Presented as part of transmedialeVorspiel, Living Canvas is an experimental and prototype project which cultivates an energy-generating algae biofilm within a quadratic glass frame. Through the cutting-edge light and irrigation technology of the wall-mounted installation, the algae biofilm grows and metamorphoses in real-time in an open-ended three-month long experiment. During the Living Canvas installation, the algae biofilm is in porous interaction with the environment of the exhibition space and natural light and temperature cycles influencing the chlorophyll photosynthesis of the organisms. The organic process of Living Canvas produces a spectrum of aesthetic effects regarding size, color, pigmentation and other tangible qualities of the metamorphosing algae beyond its natural superpowers.

The project was developed in partnership with Solaga and supported by innogy foundation.

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